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#Beautiful (Lakeview Coast Book - Courtney Lynn Rose



epub | 224.57 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09TNRMCRB | Author: Courtney Lynn Rose | Year: 2022


Sometimes, even when two people love each other. it's not enough.
Freshman Year at college tested the bond between Declan and I. Despite agreeing to do everything we could to save our relationship, heading into Sophomore Year, I'm not so sure. Not because he hasn't shown me a million times over that he's sorry and loves me. It's more because I'm keeping a secret from him that could end us.
Even though Declan never cheated on me, my self-esteem took a hit. When I overhear one of the Cheerleaders gossiping about how Declan is going to leave me because I'm overweight and don't put out. I become obsessed with losing weight and becoming the type of beauty my twisted mind thinks Declan deserves.
I'm not stupid, though, and by our third month back at school, Declan is well aware that I'm losing weight the wrong way. The worst fight of our relationship hits at my dorm one night when he finds the evidence of my tricks. When I open up to him, instead of being mad, he feels responsible and makes me promise to stop.
But I can't. Even though deep down, I want to. I can't stop thinking about gaining weight and Declan leaving me, so I continue on and just hide better.
As my issues get worse, my outlet of self-harm comes back too, and I'm praying Declan can save me before it's too late.

Category:Coming of Age Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, New Adult & College Romance

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