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ASP.NET Core MVC 5.0 Razor Pages for beginners with Project


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"Find a Doctor" Project is consistently completed as the course progresses.​

IDE used is Visual Studio 2019 and 2022
Write a fully functional web application using .NET Core and EF Core
Understand razor syntax, 2-way Model Binding, CRUD database connectivity, JSON file as a database, File upload and , Master-Slave cascading dropdowns
State management with Cookies, Session, TempData, Consent Banner, JSON Serialization of custom types into Cookies
Modular design with Areas, ViewImports, Layouts, Partial Views and Razor Components
Identity and Role based Authentication and Policy based Authorization, Authentication with AJAX Requests.
AJAX communication with ASPNET Core, Minor project on EBook style Admin panel, Ajax based inline, in-place edit, update and cancel of tabular data
A project "Find a Doctor" is completed as the course progresses. This project covers all the common scenarios that a web developer has to deal with. . .
Some programming experience with C#
Knowledge of html, css, javascript basics
General understanding of databases, RDBMS
[optional]Familiarity with any web based platform like classic ASP DOTNET, MVC or with PHP
Knowledge of .NET Core is NOT a pre-requisite
This is a bner's course in ASP.NET Core.
About the Project
A project "Find a Doctor" is completed as the course progresses.
Registration and Login Modules
Role based Authentication and Authorization
SQlite as Database
Doctors and patients can update their profiles and pictures
Patients can search for doctors of various specializations and in various cities.
AJAX based cascading dropdowns for search
JSON based database of cities
Patients can upload PDF reports
A consultation and a payment loop is fully built in this project.
Bootstrap based UI
Source code is provided in zipped form for each step of completion
Even though the project is "Find a Doctor", but it can be thought of as a "customer-service provider project". Hence, it can be modified for a website where customers search for plumbers, technicians, etc., or for a website where students search for teachers of various subjects.
Modules of the project are INTERLACED with theory topics and added consistently. The last lecture finishes the project.
Following is the table of chapters covered in this video course.
Ch 1 - Razor Pages
L01 - Introduction to Razor Pages (20 min)
L02 - Middleware Configuration (15 min)
L03 - Integrating CSS, JS and _Layout (16 min)
L04 - Inter Page Navigation and Linking of Razor Pages with Tag Helpers (10 min)
Exercises on Ch1
Find a Doctor (Project Step 1 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 2 - Basic Event Handling in Razor Pages
L01 - How to handle a click event (14 min)
L02 - Creating an HTML FORM with Razor Pages (15 min)
L03 - How to handle a FORM submit event (10 min)
L04 - How to handle Server Side Validation (14 min)
Exercises on Ch2
Find a Doctor (Project Step 2 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 3 - Database Connectivity - I
L01 - Various Database Options and the initial Setup (13 min)
L02 - Getting Started with Database INSERT of Form data (23 min)
L03 - Strategy to handle a DbUpdateException (9 min)
L04 - Composite Primary Keys and Search by PK (9 min)
L05 - Displaying Data and OnGetAsync (10 min)
L06 - Deleting Records and the Anchor Tag Helper (10 min)
L07 - Updating Records (13 min)
L08 - Checkbox in a Razor Form (13 min)
L09 - Radiobuttonlist in a Razor Form (15 min)
Find a Doctor (Project Step 3 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 4 - Modularity
L01 - ViewImports (10 min)
L02 - Razor Components (20 min)
L03 - Currency Converter Component (10 mins)
Find a Doctor (Project Step 4 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 5 - Areas and Partial Views
L01 - Concept of Areas and an Authorization Scheme (17 min)
L02 - Partial Views (19:59 mins)
Find a Doctor (Project Step 5 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 6 - State Management
L01 - Reading and Writing Cookies (18 min)
L02 - Consent Banner with ITrackingConsentFeature (13 min)
L03 - The Concept of Session (16 min)
L04 - Serializing Date into Session (9 min)
L05 - When and how to use TempData (11 min)
Ch 7 - Authentication and Authorization
L01 - Configuring Role based Authorization (15 min)
L02 - SignIn, ReturnUrl and LocalRedirect (17 min)
L03 - Displaying User Info on each Page (7 min)
L04 - SignOutAsync with Tag Helpers (8 min)
Find a Doctor (Project Step 6 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 8 - Database Connectivity - II
L01 - Dropdownlist in a Razor Form (7 min)
L02 - Uploading file(s) and Storing in a Database (16 min)
L03 - ing file(s) and FileResult (11 min)
Find a Doctor (Project Step 7 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 9 - Ajax Communication
L01 - Ajax based POST of a Razor FORM (13 min)
L02 - Ajax based POST without a FORM (11 min)
L03 - Parameterized AJAX GET Request to a C# function (10 min)
L04 - Ajax based EBook style Admin Panel (8 min)
L05 - Authentication and Authorization with AJAX Requests (8 min)
L06 - Inline, In-place Edit, Update, Cancel of records (13 min)
L07 - Master Slave Cascading Dropdowns with Ajax (13 min)
Find a Doctor (Project Step 8 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 10 - Understanding LINQ Queries
L01 - SingleOrDefault, Find, FirstOrDefault, Single and First (11 min)
L02 - Where, Include and ToList (10 min)
L03 - How to Sort Records (6 min)
L04 - Direct Execution of SQL Queries and Stored Procedures (9 min)
Find a Doctor (Project Step 9 Implementation Walkthrough)
Ch 11 - Database Connectivity - III
L01 - Status of the App_Data folder in ASP.NET Core (10 mins)
L02 - XML as a database in ASP.NET Core (9 mins)
L03 - Repository Pattern and Dependency Injection with XML as Database (16 mins)
Find a Doctor (Finalized)
Programmers and students willing to get started with ASP DOTNET Core