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Arm Candy: Friendship Bracelets to Make and Share by Laura Strutt


Arm Candy: Friendship Bracelets to Make and Share by Laura Strutt

English | July 15, 2015 | ISBN: 1438007159, ASIN: B012WETBNI | EPUB | 96 pages | 4.3 MB

In the 1970s, there was nothing quite as magical as wearing–and sharing–friendship bracelets with your nearest and dearest friends. According to legend, a friendship bracelet was supposed to be worn until it wore out and fell off by itself–at which time , the wearer's wish would come true. Now, these fun fashion statements are back, and just as popular as ever with youngsters, adults, and even celebrities! Arm Candy will help you create your own beautiful friendship bracelets with:
15 bracelets to make, including chevron woven friendship bands, wire word bracelets, rubber band bracelets and more
Step-by-step instructions for using washi tape, cord, leather, loom bands, beads and even zips to make bracelets and bangles to wear stacked together or one at a time
Detailed instructions and step-by-step photography to get you knotting, bending, twisting, braiding, and tying your way to bracelet heaven
These bracelets are great to wear, share, and give to friends. You'll have so much fun, you'll probably make extras to keep for yourself!

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