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Arabia With Levison Wood (2018)

Arabia With Levison Wood (2018)



Writer Levison Wood explores the Arabian Peninsula. Along the way he faces serious threats, meets incredible people and sees beautiful natural wonders.

Episode 1: Battlegrounds
Writer Levison Wood explores the Arabian Peninsula. He starts on the Syria and Iraq border and faces many challenges including the constant threat of an ISIS attack.

Episode 2: The Empty Quarter
Writer Levison Wood explores the largest sand desert in the world and travels through the Dhofar Mountains in Oman. He then enters war-torn Yemen.

Episode 3: Valleys Of The Past
Writer Levison Wood explores Saudi Arabia, meeting the men and women who live there and learning more about the culture. Then, he makes his way into Jordan.

Episode 4: Holy Lands
Writer Levison Wood is in Jordan and visits Petra, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. He then travels to Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Episode 5: Dangerous Legacy
Levison is in southern Syria for the penultimate leg of his journey. He wants to learn more about the impact of the conflict. He then finishes his tour in Lebanon.


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