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Android - Only Paid - Week 14 2018 - APPS - 2

  • Začetnik teme Angelus
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9GAG v6.17.06r9219-8489eb1f3 [Pro].apk
ABC Flashcards for Kids V2 PRO v3.08.apk
AIMP v2.70 RC, Build 527 (04.04.2018).apk
All codecs for Archos Video v4.1.apk
APK EXTRACTOR PRO v8.3.2 [Unlocked].apk
AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.40 [Mod Lite].apk
Atran - Icon Pack v14.7.0 [Patched].apk
B1 Archiver zip rar unzip Pro v1.0.0072 [Unlocked].apk
Background(Secret) Video Recorder Pro v1.2.7.8 Final.apk
Birthdays Notifier v3.4.167 [Pro].apk
Blue Mail - Email & Calendar App v1.9.4.10 b12708.apk
Boost for reddit v1.7.0 build 135 [Premium].apk
Call Ringtones Maker v1.73 [Premium].apk
Calligrapher Pro v1.52 patched.apk
Camera MX - Photo, Video, GIF Camera & Editor v4.7.166 [Unlocked].apk
CamScanner Phone PDF Creator v5.6.0.20180404 [Full] LIC.apk
CamScanner Phone PDF Creator v5.6.0.20180404 [Full].apk
Car Launcher Pro v2.2.3.62 [Paid].apk
Chillout & Lounge music radio v4.2.7 [Unlocked].apk
Chrooma Keyboard PRO - Swipe, Type, Smart Gestures vhydrogen-1.0.3 [Pro].apk
ClockView - Always On Talking World time Widget v3.70 [Pro].apk
Crimson Music Player - MP3, Lyrics, Playlist v3.9.3 [Pro].apk
Cute Animals Flashcards V2 PRO v3.08.apk
Dictionary Pro v8.0 [Paid].apk
Downloader & Private Browser v2.4.53 [Premium].apk
Edge Gestures v1.3.0 [Patched].apk
Efectum – Reverse Cam, Slow Motion, Fast Video PRO v1.7.apk
Fairy Tale Cards PRO v3.08.apk
Folio 2 for Facebook & Messenger v3.0.02 build 445 [Unlocked].apk
Follow - realtime location app using GPS Network v1.9.8 [Paid] GP + LP.apk
FotMob Pro v71.0.4619.20180406 [Paid].apk
FreeFlix HQ v3.0.5 [Pro] ARM.apk
FreeFlix HQ v3.0.5 [Pro] Mod.apk
FreeFlix HQ v3.0.5 [Pro] x86.apk
GPS Compass Navigator v2.20.2 [Pro].apk
GPS Data v1.4.7 [Premium].apk
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v17.3.23 [Unlocked] BASE.rar
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v17.3.23 [Unlocked] Blocked.apk
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v17.3.23 [Unlocked] MAPS.rar
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v17.3.23 [Unlocked] not Blocked.apk
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v17.3.23 [Unlocked].odt
GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v17.3.23.apk
Hide Photos & Videos - Private Photo & Video Vault v2.6.6 [Pro].apk
Image to Text OCR Scanner - PDF OCR - PDF to DOC v1.50 [Premium].apk
Infinite Painter v6.1.44 [Unlocked].apk
Kuji Cam v2.4.6 [Premium].apk
Link2SD Plus v4.2.1.apk
Lucky Patcher v7.2.1 [Mod Pixel].apk
Luwix - Icon Pack v1.5.2 patched.apk
MacroDroid - Device Automation v3.21.0 build 8169 [Mod].apk
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v3.2.2.1 [Premium].apk
Marine Navigator v2.1.17 patched.apk
MAX Player HD v1.0.8 [Premium].apk
Memorigi Todo List, Task List v2.2.405 [Premium].apk
MIUI Launcher v1.05 [Pro].apk
Money Lover Money Manager v3.7.16.2018040602 [Premium].apk
Mp3 Music Player v2.4.6 [Pro].apk
Nadeon - A Neon Icon Pack vUndici [Patched].apk
New Scientist v3.3.0.2092.3188 [Subscribed].apk
Night Shift Pro - Blue Light Filter for Migraine v2.25 [Paid].apk
NN Launcher - Nice Native Nougat Launcher in 2018 PRIME v4.1.1.apk
Numbers 123 Flashcards PRO v3.08.apk
OBD Car Doctor Pro v6.4.3 [Paid].apk
Omoro - Icon Pack v3.3.0 [Patched].apk
OO Launcher for Android O 8.0 Oreo PRIME v4.1.1.apk
Out of Milk - Grocery Shopping List v8.6.0_828 [Pro].apk
Oxygen 8.0 Substratum Theme v47.7 [Patched] - PitchBlack.apk
Police Scanner v2.8(Paid).apk
Powerful Cleaner Pro v2.2.5 [Paid].apk
Praos - Icon Pack v4.4.0 [Patched].apk
QR BarCode v1.4.6 [Mod].apk
radio.net PRIME v4.6.2 [Paid].apk
ReadItToMe - Unique Handsfree v1.9 [Pro].apk
Rewun - Icon Pack v10.9.0 [Patched].apk
Rifon - Icon Pack v16.3.0 [Patched].apk
Root Call SMS Manager v1.12.2 [Unlocked].apk
Root Checker Pro.ver.1.2.build.3.apk
RouteMe Malta v1.2.apk
Scientific Calculator v4.1.9 [Paid].apk
Sidebar, Edge Screen, S8 Launcher - Edge Action v1.1.5 [Pro].apk
Signal Care v3.0.3 [Paid].apk
Simple Habit Meditation v1.29.3 [Subscribed].apk
Simple Social Pro v6.6.1 [Patched].apk
Sleep as Android v20180404 build 1895 [Unlocked] Cloud.apk
Sleep as Android v20180404 build 1895 [Unlocked] Lullaby.apk
Sleep as Android v20180404 build 1895 [Unlocked].apk
Smart AudioBook Player v3.6.8 [Unlocked].apk
Smart Launcher 5 v5 build 041 [Mod].apk
Sorus - Icon Pack v13.6.0 [Patched].apk
Speccy Spectrum Analyzer v1.2.0 [Paid].apk
Swift for Facebook Lite v3.6.2 [Unlocked].apk
SwiftKey Keyboard v7.0.2.15 Final ARM.apk
SwiftKey Keyboard v7.0.2.15 Final ARM64.apk
Sygic Truck GPS Navigation v13.8.0 build 1422 [Unlocked] BASE.rar
Sygic Truck GPS Navigation v13.8.0 build 1422 [Unlocked] Blocked.apk
Sygic Truck GPS Navigation v13.8.0 build 1422.apk
TabShop Point of Sale POS PRO v145 [Unlocked].apk
Tenex - Icon Pack v10.6.0 [Patched].apk
Terrarium TV - Watch All Free HD Movies and TV Shows v1.9.8 [Premium] Firestick.apk
Terrarium TV - Watch All Free HD Movies and TV Shows v1.9.8 [Premium].apk
The Diplomat v2.0.30 [Subscribed].apk
The Guardian v5.5.1550 [Subscribed].apk
Times Higher Education v3.0.1.2028.18 [Subscribed].apk
Touch Macro-No Root v7.2 patched.apk
Ultra GPS Logger v3.145o [Patched].apk
Umbra - Icon Pack v12.1.0 [Patched].apk
USB Audio Player PRO v4.2.0 [Paid] need UP.apk
Vegetable Flashcards V2 PRO v3.08.apk
Weatherback Weather Wallpaper v3.0.1 [Pro].apk
WeatherPro v4.8.8.3 build 518 [Premium Mod].apk
WiFi Mouse Pro v3.4.3 [Paid].apk
WiFi Speed Test Pro v2.6.4 [Paid].apk
Windfinder Pro v3.1.2 [Patched].apk
Xstana - Navbars & Statusbars v2.4.8 [Unlocked].apk
YoWindow Weather v2.6.2 [Paid].apk
zetaTorrent Pro - Torrent App v3.7.0 [Patched].apk

2.1 GB

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