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All the Sh*t You Should Have Learned: A Digestible Re-Education in Science, Math, Language, History

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Book details
Format: epub
File Size: 2.98 MB
Print Length: 319 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1507212402
Publisher: Adams Media (24 December 2019)
Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Language: English

If you’ve forgotten a thing or two since school, now you can go from knowing jack sh*t to knowing your sh*t in no time! This highly entertaining, useful and fun trivia book fills the gaps, offering hundreds of bite-sized facts about history, grammar, math, and more!

Get ready to relearn all the crap you were taught in school and then promptly forgot. Who can keep all that information in their head anyway? Now you can!

With All the Sh*t You Should Have Learned, you’ll be schooled in history, language arts, math, science, and foreign language—all the stuff you were taught at one point but now regret not remembering. From translating Roman numerals to remembering the difference between further and farther, we’ve got you covered. You’ll brush up on the Crusades, revisit the structure of the Victorian novel, get a refresher on Chaos Theory, and much more! Maybe this time you’ll remember.

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