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A Stranger in Town (1967) / Un Dollaro Tra I Denti

A Stranger in Town (1967)





A Stranger in Town (Italian: Un dollaro tra i denti, lit. "A dollar between the teeth"), released in the UK as For a Dollar in the Teeth, is a 1967 Italian-American Spaghetti Western film directed by Luigi Vanzi.The film is the first in a series of four western films starring Tony Anthony as "The Stranger".Released by MGM, it was a surprise box office hit in international markets.

A blanket-clad gunfighter, the Stranger, rides into a largely deserted Mexican village, where he encounters Chica, a young widow with a baby son, and Paco, a bartender who orders him at knife-point to leave. After killing Paco with a bottle, he witnesses a massacre of Captain Cordoba's Mexican Army troops by the bandit chief Aguilar and his gang, who steal the soldiers' uniforms and a machine gun. Dressed in a Union Army uniform, the Stranger greets Aguilar and his dominatrix right-hand woman, Maria "Maruka" Pilar, and informs them that an attachment of Union soldiers, led by Captain George Stafford, will soon be arriving to deliver two bags of gold coins to Captain Cordoba's troops. In return for identifying Aguilar as Cordoba to Stafford, the Stranger requests a share of the gold. The plan succeeds, despite Stafford's scepticism.

Preparing to leave, the Stranger demands a half-share of the gold from Aguilar, who refuses, giving him only a single coin for his troubles. The Stranger creates a diversion by shooting the candles of the saloon, and steals the gold. Despite holding off Aguilar's men and escaping, he is forced to surrender the gold when they take Chica hostage. The Stranger later returns to recapture the gold, but he is ambushed and beaten by Aguilar's men, before being left to the attentions of Maruka, who becomes increasingly aroused by him. Eventually killing her by bashing her head against a stone floor, the Stranger distracts Aguilar and the gang by setting off an explosion, allowing him to steal the gold and save Chica, who has been abused by Aguilar.

After tending to his wounds, Chica gives the Stranger a shotgun and a sack of shells; he gives her several gold coins - hiding the remainder in a fountain - and advises her to leave town with her baby. Before she can do so, Aguilar and his men track her down and threaten to kill her baby so that she can reveal the location of the gold. The Stranger saves them by shooting one of the bandits, Marinero; in a prolonged battle, he eliminates the gang members one by one as they search for him throughout the town. Confronting and beating Aguilar, the Stranger kills him in a shotgun-versus-machine gun duel, and places a gold coin between his teeth. Stafford's troops, aware of who the Stranger is, arrive to recover their gold; Stafford, whose real name is Ted Harrison, agrees to allow him to keep half of the gold as bounty for killing Aguilar's gang. Bidding "George" farewell, the Stranger is watched by Chica as he rides out of town.

Rezija: Luigi Vanzi (as Vance Lewis)

Uloge: Tony Anthony, Jolanda Modio, Raf Baldassarre




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