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A Guide to the Elements (2nd Ed)
By Albert Stwerkta
Oxford University Press | 2002 | ISBN 10: 0-19-515027-9 | 252 Pages | scanned PDF | 31.7 mb

The chemical elements and the basic principles of chemistry are the foundations of all scientific study, and this award-winning book provides a focused, comprehensive, and engaging survey of all 114 elements. A Guide to the Elements begins with an introductory section that explains some of the basic concepts of chemistry and traces the history and development of the periodic table of the elements. In clear, nontechnical language, noted science writer Albert Stwertka makes complex ideas and terms accessible.
Brought to life with historical anecdotes and everyday examples, each element is discussed in a separate article. Readers learn the history of the element's discovery, its properties, and its practical uses. A Guide to the Elements is enhanced with color illustrations and references such as web sites and a glossary. This new edition brings the periodic table into the 21st century with an article about ununquadium, the latest element to be discovered, and an epilogue about the ongoing search for the "island of stability."

About the Author
Albert Stwerkta is Professor Emeritus at the United States Merchant Marine Academy and previously served as the head of the mathematics and science department there. Dr. Stwertka conducted research in the field of atomic physics, and was instrumental in establishing training programs for the N.S. Savannah nuclear ship during the Atoms for Peace program. He is the author of numerous books on science and math, including The World of Atoms and Quarks, Recent Revolutions in Physics, Recent Revolutions in Mathematics, and Physics: From Newton to the Big Bang.

The Periodic Table 6
The Elements 16 - 230
Epilogue 232
Glossary 234
Chronology 237
Further Reading 241
Web Sites 242
Index 243