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A Ancient Hebrew Dictionary 1000 Verbs And Nouns Of The Hebrew Bible



A Ancient Dictionary 1000 Verbs And Nouns Of The Bible
pdf | 1.33 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B07F5ZVQ6X | Author: Simchat Torah | Year: 2018


Whether you know or not, this book will provide you with a quick reference resource for learning the meaning of many words that lie beneath the English translations, which will open new doors for you into Biblical interpretation.

The language of the Bible must be understood from its original and Ancient perspective. Our interpretation of a word like "holy" is an abstract idea, derived out of a Greco-Roman culture and mindset, which is usually understood as someone or something that is especially godly, pious or spiritual. However, the word קדוש (qadosh) means, from an Ancient perspective, unique and is defined in this dictionary as: "Someone or something that has, or has been given the quality of specialness, and has been separated from the rest for a special purpose." With this interpretation, we discover that the nation of Israel is not "holy," in the sense of godliness or piety, but is a unique and special people, separated from all others to serve God.

This Biblical dictionary contains the one thousand most frequent verbs and nouns found within the Bible. Each word is translated and defined from its original concrete Ancient perspective, allowing for a more accurate interpretation of the text. In addition to the one thousand verbs and nouns, the appendices in the book include a complete list of pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions and numbers.

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