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A 1 week program to gain more energy

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A 1 week program to gain more energy
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Duration: 4 hours | Genre: eLearning Video | Language: English

Gain more energy, motivation and determination to shine

What you'll learn

Yoga, Meditation and Chi Kung exercises to raise vibrations and create more energy from within.

Lacking motivation and feeling stuck

Struggle with food addiction.

What you'll learn
Exercises, lifestyle and dietary advice to gain more energy
Yoga, Meditation and Chi Kung exercises to raise vibrations and create more energy from within.
Lacking motivation and feeling stuck
If you feel that you are unable to get out of the mental space you are in.
Struggle with food addiction.
Struggle with movement and wish you could feel lighter on your feet.
This course is a 1 week to.... series course, taken from the '30 Days to conquer your anxiety through physical wellbeing. Some people find a month rather long and too much of a commitment to make. Concentrating on the 1 week series gives you the chance to pick and choose areas you wish to concentrate on. Some of the videos included may overlap, as the nature of this course is to keep practicing with consistency. Having said that, the benefit of doing the 1 week to... series course is more in depth, and there is more attention spent on each day emotionally and physically.
In this course you will gain lifestyle and dietary suggestions to gain more energy levels. You will be doing yoga, meditation and Chi Kung (Chinese Traditional Exercise, using energy) to gain more energy in your days. You will learn when to take it easy, and enjoy your days off in nature. It's important to have a balanced lifestyle. We often lack energy when something is lacking, whether it's in our diet, lack of exercise, too much exercise or too much or not enough down time too. Too much of anything is not good. So here, balance is the key.
This course will help you find this.
If you have done my 1 week to a calmer you, then this is also a great follow on course.
I hope you enjoy this course and I look forward to seeing you within the course.
If you are going to enrol, be sure to join the Facebook page, Stress Management and Wellbeing
Who this course is for:
People who feel they want to achieve more, but find it difficult to inspire themselves
People who feel that they wish to improve their lives
People who wish for better health
People who wish for more energy through the day
People who wish they could enjoy life more
People who struggle with controlling the amount and type of food they eat.