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30 Old Books - September 2019
30 Books | PDF | English | 998 MB

Here is a collection of 30 old books published over a century ago! All books are in PDF format with OCR. I have downloaded them from various American libraries. I have removed all watermarks, added covers where needed & done some minor editing. The scan quality is excellent for such old books.

Astronomy - A Simple Introduction to a Noble Science, by Edmunnd Nelson
Border Ghost Stories by Howard Pease
Ghost Stories and Phantom Fancies by Hain Friswell
Popular Astronomy - A Concise Elementary Treatise
Shadowed by a Detective, or, The Woman in Wax by Virginia Champlin
The Film Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve
The Ghost Camp or The Avengers by Rolf Boldrewood
The Ghost of Guir House by Charles Willing Beale
The Ghost Story by Booth Tarkington
The Ghost-Hunter and his Family By the OHara family
The Girl of Ghost Mountain by J. Allan Dunn
The Green Tree Mystery by Roman Doubleday
The Hamstead Mystery by Watson & Rees
The Markenmore Mystery by J.S. Fletcher
The Mystery of Evangeline Fairfax by Earle Kunst
The Mystery of Hartley House by Clifford S. Raymond
The Mystery of June 13th by Melvin L. Severy
The Mystery of Lincoln's Inn by Robert Machray
The Mystery of Miss Motte by Caroline Atwater Mason
The Mystery of Orcival by Jules Guerin
The Mystery of the Lodge By Mary Dwinell Chellis
The Paradise Mystery,by J.S. Fletcher
The Sheridan Road Mystery by Paul and Mabel Thorne
The Stars - A Study of the Universe by Simon Newcomb
The Tall House Mystery by A. Fielding
The Villa Mystery by Herbert Flowerdew
The Yazoo Mystery by Irving Craddock
Told After Supper by Jerome K. Jerome
Twenty-Five Ghost Stories by W. Bob Holland
Uncle Bijahs Ghost by Jennette Lee

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