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30 Assorted History Books Collection May 04, 2021


Table of Contents
The History and Theory of Fetishism by Alfonso Maurizio Iacono
Without Precedent by Joel Richard Paul
Weapons of World War II by G.M. Barnes
Viking Age England by Julian D. Richards
Train Doctor by Roger Senior
Toward a Global History of Latin America’s by Tanya Harmer
The Struggle for Pakistan by Ayesha Jalal
The Iron Men by Anthony Burton
The Great Stain by Noel Rae
The Fall of the Roman Empire by Peter Heather
Shakespeare’s English Kings by Peter Saccio
The Army of Alexander the Great by Stephen English
Rome Resurgent by Peter Heather
Roman Law Before the Twelve Tables by Sinclair W. Belll
Riot and Revelry in Early America by William Pencak
My War in the Air 1916 by Alan Bott
My Nantah Story by Kok Chiang Tan
Mercenaries in the Classical World by Stephen English
Martyr of the American Revolution by C.L. Bragg
Mammoth Book of How it Happened in Britain by Jon E Lewis
Making Muslim Women European by Fabio Giomi
Making and Remaking the Balkans by Robert Clegg Austin
Lords of Alba by Ian W. Walker
European Empires in the American South by Joseph P Ward
Conquering Peace by Stella Ghervas
Churchill and Tito by Christopher Catherwood
Allied Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the Second by Michael Green
Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans
Blue Dreams by Lauren Slater
Capitalism’s Conscience by Des Freedman
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