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30 Assorted Fiction Books Collection May 04, 2021


Table of Contents
Billionaire’s Secret Club by Amelie Winlove
Together By Fate by Kylar Wilde
The Word of a Liar by Sally Beauchamp
The Whispering Dead by Darcy Coates
The Walls of Orion by T.D. Fox
The Mystic’s Accomplice by Mary Miley
The Mage and the Warrior by Evelyn Ives
The Consorts by Melissa Addey
Shadowed Steel by Chloe Neill
Secrets Of The Under Market by Krysten Harlow
Secrets Mothers Keep by Anya Mora
Rookie in Love by Zoe Beth Geller
Messiah by J.E. Taylor
Maybe We Will by Melissa Foster
Lost Contact by Nathan Hystad
Legal Privilege by Margaret Barnes
King of Merchants by Tristan H. Brown
High-Rise Heat by Elle Berlin
Fractured by Blake Blessing
Escapement by Timothy Powell
Empire of Ashes by Ben Hale
Down the Hall by Ash Kreff
City on Fire by Larry Votava
Bring Me Her Heart by Alexi Ferreira
Beneath Her Skin by Gregg Olsen
Better If He Goes by Allie Everhart
All I See Is You by Charlotte Barnes
Battling Benjamin by Katie O’Sullivan
A Not So Purrfect Murder by D. Watts
A Kind of Drowning by Robert Craven
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