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1,001 Accounting Practice Problems For Dummies


Get up to speed quickly—review and practice major conceptsin accounting!

Whether you’re looking to improve your classroom experience, orsimply become more familiar with accounting concepts, 1,001Accounting Practice Problems For Dummies is the hands-on toolyou need to get a step ahead. The book’s practice questions andreview content go hand-in-hand with the content offered inAccounting For Dummies, ensuring that you have a workingknowledge of the most important concepts and skills inaccounting.

This practical resource gives you access to tons of helpfulonline content, including practice problems in multiple-choiceformat, and customizable practice sets for self-directed study, allavailable on the go through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.Practice problems are categorized as easy, medium, or hard, so youcan build your knowledge at your own pace. A perfect companion foranyone looking to increase their accounting skills, this book hasthe added benefit of offering review and practice useful forindividuals looking to pass their accounting courses and lay thegroundwork for an accounting career.

Filled with practice questions, review content, tips, andexplanations for anyone interested in accounting principles
Includes tons of online practice content, such as multiplechoice questions and customizable practice sets, all available withpurchase of the book
Ideal for individuals looking to pass an accounting class orstart a career in accounting
Serves as an excellent companion resource to Accounting ForDummies

Packed with endless practice opportunities, 1,001 AccountingPractice Problems For Dummies has everything you need tojumpstart your journey into accounting and financialdocumentation.

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