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MP3 01-N - Grimoire (2014)

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Torrent Maniak

Torrent Maniak


Geomagnetic Morningstar presents the return of 01-N with his eagerly awaited and highly anticipated fourth full length artist album!

01-N - Grimoire (2014)
Psychedelic, Full On | Geomagnetic TV
V0 | MP3 | unmixed | 2014 | 65:07 | 124 Mb

1. Ain Soph Sur 06:57
2. Vesper 07:50
3. Hung Up 07:08
4. Sensory Deprivation 07:20
5. Grimoire 07:26
6. Time starts moving 07:25
7. Horizon 07:50
8. Catastrophe (Psytrance rmx) 06:41
9. First Period 06:27

Grimoire is a magical book full of secret knowledge written by a wise wizard on a distant island with a specialization in arcane patterns and exquisite harmony.

His quill is a magical brush capable of transcribing his own thoughts directly into the sub-atomic sonic language of sound. Using a jar of highly potent Shiva Drops he inscribes sheet after sheet of mind altering melodies, psychedelic trance inducing rhythms, and powerful body pounding kick and bass scenarios intended for nothing more than absolute dance floor oblivion! Huge smiles, thousands of screaming voices in unison shouting one epic salutation to the sun!

You're blasting journey full of classic Goa and uplifting trance has just begun! This special music book is packed with page after page of mystical melodies and acid lines with pounding kick and bass all put together for each tracks amazing story. Listening to the album all the way through you feel the passion and meaning put behind each song fitting so much with the theme of the whole album!