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  1. aleksandar1389

    Finnish Fluency 1-3: Glossika Mass Sentences

    Finnish Fluency 1-3: Glossika Mass Sentences 3 PDF Books | 2014 | Language: English / Finnish | ISBN-10: N/A | 376 + 376 + 376 pages | 250 MB This GMS Fluency Series accompanies the GMS recordings and is a supplementary course assisting you on your path to fluency. This course fills in the...
  2. aleksandar1389

    Italian Fluency 3: Glossika Mass Sentences

    Mike Campbell, Marta Biffi, "Italian Fluency 3: Glossika Mass Sentences" Glossika | 2015 | ISBN: 9865677296 | English/Italian | PDF+MP3 | 285 pages | 35 Mb Italian course includes stress-marked syllables (with dots below stressed vowels) and an IPA transcription as embedded fonts. Basic...
  3. arcadius

    Practice with Sentences

    Practice with Sentences-J.D. Bentley-For years there has been insufficient provision of specific material for practice with sentences. We speak mostly in sentences, not in individual words or in unrelated verb-parts or in tricky linguistic tests. Our speech and writing are creative-the...