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    problem with Java and Veetle Plugs (Mozila Firefox)

    i have mozila firefox last ver ,but i have this always problem with java and veetle plugins in add-ons > plugins so is there any one can help me . ===========java================= =========================Veetle====================== =========== is there any help please
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    Visual Basic Express 2010

    File is Removed ,please try to re-upload renew the link please
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    NTM Test Player 1.1

    what i need to play this file ?
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    Winrar key trick

    let we try , hope every thing keep perfect.
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    4Shared download bez logovanja

    wonderful steps ,it works well here by me
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    Veetle skripta

    wonderful Script ,i tried it ,perfect,i hope you keep it always alive
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    i need windows 8.1 Pro x64

    i hope it Completely with activation ,i thank you so much JKDforever
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    IP adrese po drzavama

    helpful tools .but i am looking for some tools Scan UDP or Find Proxy For UDP i hope you understand what i mean
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    Problem Ace Player

    IS Good Information ,i hope any one give me NEw ACE ver
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    i need windows 8.1 Pro x64

    please is there any direct link but not Torrent ,just direct link for Windows 8.1 Pro X64bit With Product Key or Activator Accept Updates
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    BannersBroker World Tour 2014

    http://thebbtour.com/serbia/ does not work
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    Dump za VLC

    is there any method to learn more about scripts and scripts lines command
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    so what about UDP scanner ?i want to know more about UDP
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    Online tv ?

    http://russiasport.ru/video_hub does not work for me
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    Internet TV plejeri

    what is the Password for the https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33333836/VLC.rar