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  1. Chili Peppers

    Potreban stuff team na forumu HITNO!!!

    Potreban stuff team na forumu Premium Land kupljen je host placamo mi sve... ko bude radio dobice mesecnu platu ne znamo jos tacno koliko po dogovoru ... znaci fali mi mozda 3 lika tako da sto pre mi se javite :D replyyyy
  2. Chili Peppers

    Trebaju mi ljudi za forum sto pre, registrujte se i pogledajte...

    PremiumLand Forums ovo je taj forum
  3. Chili Peppers

    SerbianForum.org logo NoVo

    Novi LOGO!!! Novi LOGO!!!
  4. Chili Peppers

    Eurosong pobednik Nemacka(obavezno pogledati)

    Eurosong pobednik Nemacka(obavezno pogledati) mSWJ2nievZw
  5. Chili Peppers

    Cigla (Obavezno POGLEDATI) :D

  6. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    Bad Vibrations Bad Vibrations They're everywhere Do beware Your dreamlike state Soon crumbles Into nightmare To Bad Vibrations You've got to tune in And keep a safe distance Or fall in The signs are there to see but Most choose see what they want All those Bad Vibrations They're...
  7. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    Stop And Go Stop And Go Well I've been up, I've been down Treading water I'm now found Keeping my head just above The antithesis of love Yes, I've been lost now I find It's a struggle to be kind We would without what lies within Twist and break At the whim of the wind And we're not...
  8. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    California Song California Song The sunshine has a special glow In California One you have to see to truly know In California There's transplant from across the fruited plain Soul searchers, They alone know their way They're gonna race around and chase 'em down The dreams they've...
  9. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    Momentary Clarity Momentary Clarity He's fooled himself for now Momentary clarity clown I'm the one Who went and Got his life on track Chosen one Time to kick back And take it easy One step up, two back down Momentary clarity clown I'm the one The fool who hides From his own self...
  10. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    This I Know This I Know All that I can say is, "Just find a way to Grasp the rungs and climb on board" The train is pulling out and There is no doubt that Waiting you cannot afford This I know That yesterday the future seemed far away But now it's my face, in the flesh today Take a...
  11. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    Biocaust Biocaust Twelve years ago in 2023 Overpopulation, Warring nations Devastation brought upon ourselves Chemically Total human extinction-Infectious cloud of doom Nullification of creation This is no hallucination Earth: Android's heirloom The Biocaust: Humanity's lost Into...
  12. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    Stressfest Stressfest Sometimes the conflict's enough to break us Make us all throw the towel in But at the end of the day it empowers And shows the strength within Low in this labor of love lurks heartache Despite the best laid plans It'd end up being a useless mistake To turn our...
  13. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    Force Quit Force Quit You'll get over it That's bullshit Seen it for myself It wears you down and won't quit Forging straight ahead Stopped dead Like a deer caught in the headlights Enough said Shift command Escape the program, restore Functionality Recover once more Watched it...
  14. Chili Peppers

    Hades (usa)

    Absorbed Absorbed We're all in this fight together So small are the minds That try to keep us far apart Still individuals Divided we shall fall Not out to destroy uniqueness Of race or religion Or your own completeness Common denominators Multi racial and multi cultural It's gone...