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The Virtual CEO

Diskusija u 'Video Tutorijali' započeta od aleksandar1389, 13.02.2017.

  1. aleksandar1389

    aleksandar1389 Uploader


    Eben Pagan - The Virtual CEO
    15x MP4 @spect ratio> 1280 x 720 average; Stereo + 15x MP3 @ 128 Kbps; Stereo | English | 3.35 GB
    Genre: Business / Marketing eLearning

    The Virtual CEO Lifestyle is an online marketing program created by the online marketer and guru entrepreneur himself Eben Pagan. The new course is basically a combination of Eben's best marketing training programs and a series of live events and coaching webinars.

    It will cover:

    audio programs;
    video programs;
    live events, continuity;
    membership programs;
    group coaching;
    consulting and much more.

    The Man behind Virtual CEO Lifestyle

    In case this is the first time you're coming across his name, Eben Pagan is a great entrepreneur venerated for providing helpful advice to dating men, under the stage name David Deangelo. Using his famous "Double Your Dating" brand, he built a million-dollar company that now generates upwards of $20 million per annum in sales, which is sure nothing to sneeze at.

    Eben, throughout his marketing career, has made millions of dollars sharing with the internet his business know-how as well as experience, and the amount of acclaim in reviews and forums is proof enough that his guidance really is real-world. Even some well-known internet marketers such as John Reese and Frank Kern have publicly admitted that Eben Pagan is unparalleled when it comes to internet marketing.

    What is the Virtual CEO really about?
    The Virtual CEO Lifestyle Program, according to Eben, is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to see a swift growth of their business from small/average/good to great in no time, or as he describes it: kicking your business into high growth mode and creating your ideal lifestyle. And to bring you closer to the agenda of the 6-month program, you're provided with a compilation of what the course will add to or improve in your enterprise: the "7 Profit Pillars".

    The 7 Profit Pillars

    They include:

    Marketing Growth
    Money and Wealth


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    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!

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