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Tai Chi for Depression - A 10-Week Program to Empower Yourself and Beat Depression

Diskusija u 'Torrent Knjige i Magazini' započeta od Angelus, 31.07.2018.

  1. Angelus

    Angelus Administrator Administrator


    Publisher: Trade Select (1 Jun. 2017)
    Author: Aihan Kuhn
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1594395209
    ISBN-13: 9781594395208

    This book is designed to help readers understand depression and make positive changes to overcome it. Dr. Aihan Kuhn teaches a unique tai chi form that combines elements of Chen and Yang styles as well as qigong and meditation. The form is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to practice. Dr. Kuhn’s multidisciplinary approach to mental health also focuses on positive thought, a healthy diet, and self-confidence.

    Dr. Kuhn instructs readers on a unique tai chi form that is perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The circular movements create better energy flow in the body. The martial character empowers the mind, strengthens the body, improves stamina, and increases self-esteem. Slow, symmetrical movements promote balance and calm.

    This book features:

    • Detailed instructions and photos describing Dr. Kuhn’s 16-step tai chi form

    • Personal reflections on using tai chi to overcome depression

    • A 10-week plan to help readers begin their journey to wellness

    With this book you will:

    • Learn about the clinical features of depression

    • Learn Dr. Kuhn’s 16-step tai chi form

    • Discover the psychological, emotional, and spiritual benefits of tai chi

    • Begin a holistic approach to mental health

    “When I was just starting out as a doctor, my focus was mainly on treating disease,” Dr. Kuhn writes. “Now my focus is on teaching people how to prevent disease and treating patients in the early stages of their illness so they can avoid additional problems.”

    In many ways, Tai Chi for Depression represents the culmination of her life’s work.
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