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P90X3 Deluxe

Diskusija u 'Torrent Fitnes i Zdravlje' započeta od Angelus, 19.07.2016.

  1. Angelus

    Angelus Administrator Administrator

    06. Triometrics [Power].mp4 296.9 MB
    05. Agility X [Power].mp4 289.85 MB
    04. CVX [Cardio].mp4 285.78 MB
    16. Decelerator [Power].mp4 282.93 MB
    09. The Warrior [Resistance].mp4 277.09 MB
    07. The Challenge [Resistance].mp4 276.29 MB
    10. MMX [Cardio].mp4 273.87 MB
    18. Eccentric Lower [Resistance].mp4 273.58 MB
    08. Incinerator [Resistance].mp4 270.09 MB
    17. Eccentric Upper [Resistance].mp4 267.86 MB
    03. Total Synergistics [Resistance].mp4 267.53 MB
    15. Accelerator [Cardio].mp4 265.86 MB
    12. Pilates X [Core, Flexibility & Balance].mp4 262.72 MB
    11. X3 Yoga [Core, Flexibility & Balance].mp4 255.72 MB
    13. Isometrics [Core, Flexibility & Balance].mp4 255.52 MB
    14. Dynamix [Core, Flexibility & Balance].mp4 255.03 MB
    01. How to Accelerate [Introduction].mp4 126.68 MB
    02. Cold Start [Warm-up].mp4


    P90X3 (Dual Audio Workouts + Nutrition + Schedule)

    TITLE: P90X3 Extreme Fitness Accelerated
    YEAR: 2013
    LANGUAGE: English (Normal & Cues only)
    SUBTITLES: English (Optional)

    VIDEO CODEC: H.264
    RESOLUTION: 768 x 432

    INCLUDES: Calendars, Schedules, Nutrition, Workbook, Worksheets, Measurements guide, Introduction video, Cold Start video & 16-Dual Audio Workouts (Audio can be normal or cues only if you want to silence Tony for 90% of the time). It also has optional English subtitles.

    SYNOPSIS: Tony Horton's back with P90X3, his newest P90X system designed to get you ripped in just 30 minutes a day thanks to his Muscle Acceleration system. P90X3 combines a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an unprecedented variety of moves that keep every muscle challenged for 30 minutes of full-throttle intensity that leaves any other workout in the dust. With P90X3, it's a whole workout in half the time.


    5 GB

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  2. Angelus

    Angelus Administrator Administrator


    P90X3 Deluxe

    With P90X3 Deluxe, you not only get ripped in 30 minutes a day, you get the best value and the best body.

    Includes 16 extreme 30-minute workouts, plus 3 additional Elite workouts and the Elite Block Calendar, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendar and "How to Accelerate" video.

    All videos are encoded with maximum compatibility, small file sizes and good quality. As always, Softmod Wii compatible.

    The Workouts

    P90X3 Deluxe consists of 19 extreme 30-minute workouts on 11 DVDs. The workouts are split into 5 groups: Resistance Workouts, Power Workouts, Cardio Workouts, Core, Flexibility & Balance Workouts, and Elite Workouts.

    1. Resistance Workouts

    Total Synergistics: A full-body resistance workout that triggers fast, powerful changes to your body's composition.

    The Challenge: Strengthen your entire upper body by stacking push-ups and pull-ups in ways you've probably never seen.

    Incinerator: Bring It 'til there's nothing left to bring. A full burnout session that pushes you past your limits.

    The Warrior: When you need a one-size-fits-all workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, this is your drill.

    Eccentric Upper: Time under tension is the key to creating lean-muscle growth fast. This upper-body blast will have you begging for mercy.

    Eccentric Lower: You'll be slowing down the eccentric (or negative) half of each movement to carve a ripped lower body-faster.

    2. Power Workouts

    Agility X: This fusion of aerobic and anaerobic energy improves your precision, flexibility, balance, and strength.

    Triometrics: Increase your speed and power in a fraction of the time with this explosive next-generation plyo workout.

    Decelerator: Balance your ability to go up strong and come down safe with multi-angle deceleration training.

    3. Cardio Workouts

    CVX: Now resistance is combined with intervals to give you that full-body burn and power up your core.

    MMX: Burn fat by taxing your strength, endurance, and flexibility with this martial arts-based cardio workout.

    Accelerator: Increase your cardiovascular and muscular efficiency, resulting in more bang for your fat-burning buck.

    4. Core, Flexibility & Balance Workouts

    X3 Yoga: A flow-style practice that improves your musculoskeletal flexibility, balance, stamina, and core strength.

    Pilates X: Power your core, gain muscle elasticity, and stabilize your joints, as Pilates fundamentals meet modern science.

    Isometrix: Isometric contraction combined with instability-this workout gives you an unshakable platform to work from.

    Dynamix: Increase your range of motion, flexibility, and stabilization to help maximize the results you get from every routine.

    5. Elite Workouts (3 additional advanced workouts)

    Complex Upper: A 30-minute workout featuring explosive training for absolute upper-body strength and power.

    Complex Lower: Elite moves that help make your lower body leaner, stronger, faster-all in 30 minutes.

    X3 Ab Ripper: A 15-minute ab blast that takes your core strength to the next level.

    Complex Lower.mp4 322 MB
    Triometrics.mp4 255 MB
    Agility X.mp4 255 MB
    CVX.mp4 248 MB
    How To Accelerate.mp4 227 MB
    Workout Calendars.pdf 1 MB
    Nutrition Guide.jpg 984 KB
    Worksheets.pdf 534 KB
    Workout Sheets.xlsx 43 KB
    Accelerator.mp4 223 MB
    The Warrior.mp4 215 MB
    Total Synergistics.mp4 209 MB
    MMX.mp4 208 MB
    Eccentric Lower.mp4 205 MB
    Decelerator.mp4 204 MB
    The Challenge.mp4 201 MB
    Eccentric Upper.mp4 198 MB
    Complex Upper.mp4 190 MB
    Dynamix.mp4 188 MB
    Incinerator.mp4 180 MB
    Isometrix.mp4 174 MB
    Ab Ripper.mp4 173 MB
    Pilates X.mp4 154 MB
    X3 Yoga.mp4 141 MB
    Cold Start.mp4 124 MB

    4.3 GB
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