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Microsoft office (sve ovde)

Diskusija u 'Office alati' započeta od boki71, 08.11.2009.

  1. boki71

    boki71 Uz duplu Anu... Administrator

    Centar sveta
    Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage Notifications Remover


    This handy application performs a 3 step strike on the 'Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB949810)' Windows update. The update progressively restricts your hassle-free use of office with popups and after a while big watermarks on the program itself. Not to mention there's no easy way to rid yourself of it. This program removes every bit of it from your system, and Windows doesn't know that there's something to miss. Does NOT alter your registry or any other system files than the Genuine Advantage ones. So, you can keep using your warez office versions indefinitely! Instructions Inside, please read them!

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  2. HyperSnap

    HyperSnap VIP

  3. xandor

    xandor Član

    Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus + Serial


    Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus Untouched, uses serial!

    Manage your business efficiently and effectively

    Manage your entire business with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007. This product includes all the user-friendly business software included with Microsoft Office Professional 2007 plus InfoPath 2007 and Communicator 2007. In total, the applications include:

    Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to analyze your business information, create spreadsheets, and track time, costs, resources, and people
    Microsoft Office Word 2007 to create, manage, save, and edit documents
    Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 to produce professional publications
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to manage tasks, daily appointments, and email
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to create dynamic sales presentations
    Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 to save time, get organized, and do business online with complete accounting for small businesses
    Microsoft Access 2007 to create a database and then filter, sort, graph, and visualize business information
    InfoPath 2007 to lower the cost of executing business transactions and processes with advanced electronic forms technologies
    Communicator 2007 to communicate more easily with colleagues and clients in different locations and time zones using a variety of communication techniques including Instant Messaging, voice, and video

    Get the job done quickly and easily with these features:
    Develop professional documents with Word building blocks and commonly-used business templates available in Word 2007 including invoices, time sheets, and receipts
    Build informative, accurate spreadsheets with easy-to-use, preformatted formulas using Excel 2007
    Manage e-mail, daily appointments, and tasks with Outlook 2007
    Produce flyers, spec sheets, brochures, and business cards with Publisher 2007
    Create sales presentations with PowerPoint 2007
    Create a database that contains company information and data, and analyze that data to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
    Import existing financial data into Accounting Express from other programs such as Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Money, and QuickBooks, and manage all of your financial information in one place
    Coordinate schedules easily even when users are in different time zones with Communicator
    Deploy forms in Outlook using InfoPath and then export the data acquired in Excel
    Use Ledger Sheets in Excel to manage business finances like budgeting, accounting, and invoicing
    Apply SmartArt graphics to create polished presentations and reports
    Connect with others through Microsoft Office Exchange Server support
    Use the Instant Search feature in Outlook to find information quickly, even information buried inside the body of an e-mail
    Improved design and analysis tools in Access help you create more effective database objects
    Extend electronic forms beyond your firewall by using Infopath to enable form completion with Web browsers

    Info - Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus

    Instrucitons -
    1. Go into setup folder and run the file called "Setup"
    2. Follow the instructions and when asked for a serial, use the
    serial in the text file labeled "Serial"

    This Program is fully updateable and does not need any further activation
    or crack.


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