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K.O.Morgan - The Complete Guide to Pruning Trees and Bushes

Diskusija u 'Strane Knjige' započeta od Proculin, 25.04.2018.

  1. Proculin

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    K.O.Morgan - The Complete Guide to Pruning Trees and Bushes
    Language: English | Format: EPUB | Size: 8.27 MB

    According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, operated by Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, there are more than 60 different kinds of shrubs in North America with varying pruning requirements, timelines, and necessities. This massive variety makes it so that anyone interested in pruning needs to be very well educated in how the process is completed, what it needed, what should be avoided, and most of all, when to plant, prune, and provide maintenance to your shrubs.

    This book walks every shrub enthusiast through the surprisingly complex process of pruning from the first seed in the ground to the annual progression of pruning steps that must be done in the right order to maximize the health of your shrubs.

    You will learn a variety of things including:

    top reasons for taking up pruning are
    what equipment is needed for pruning from start to finish
    the 10 most common pruning methods and a variety of other techniques
    how to apply these techniques to ornamental trees and shrubs, shade trees, evergreens, hedges, fruit trees, small trees, nut trees,vines and ground covers, and finally pruning houseplants and bonsai plants.

    You will benefit from the advice gathered from interviews with top experts in the field of pruning and gardening and their insights on how pruning should be completed for each type of plant. For anyone who interested in pruning of their plants either inside or outside, this guide will provide everything you need.

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