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Besplatni programi

Diskusija u 'Razni Programi' započeta od boki71, 16.11.2009.

  1. boki71

    boki71 Uz duplu Anu... Administrator

    Centar sveta
    96 Best Free RSS Reader/Aggregator

    Defining a best in this category is tough as different users have very different priorities. For some users, display readability and easy subscription is everything while to others, the level of blog integration is the most important attribute.

    I fall firmly in the first category. To me RSS is just another information source not a way of life.

    Indeed the most important feature in a reader to me is the ability to easily click on a number of interesting items from an integrated display and have a stacked series of Windows relating to the items open in a browser for later reading. That way I can scan quickly for items of interest but read the items at my leisure.

    The readers that most conveniently offer this feature are those integrated into browsers rather than stand-alone readers or those that are work with your email client.

    My favorite program for doing this is the Firefox extension for Onfolio. It was a commercial product until it was recently acquired by Microsoft who now make it available for free. Naturally Microsoft no longer support the Firefox extension but Onfolio is available for Internet Explorer users as an add-in [1] for the free Windows Live Toolbar [2]. With the IE Onfolio add-in you'll not only get a great RSS reader you'll also get a whole bunch of other features including the ability to save and manage web snippets. On the downside you'll have to have Live Toolbar which many will see as too much of a Faustian bargain.

    If you use IE7 you may not need Onfolio as the RSS reader built into IE7 follows the Onfolio model and is excellent though it lacks Onfolio's excellent snippet management features.

    Firefox users are not quite so well placed.

    Firefox's V2 has inbuilt RSS capabilities though it doesn't work nearly as slickly as IE7. Page feeds are automatically detected and the user is the offered the choice of the online services at Bloglines, My Yahoo! or the Google Reader. All work well enough and for those with a Google account, the Google is option is probably the pick.

    Apart from these three inbuilt options Firefox allow you use other third party readers as well. You can find instructions here [6] but be aware that not all readers can be integrated.

    There are several RSS reader extensions available for Firefox. My top choice used to be the excellent Pluck extension but it is soon to be discontinued. The free Sage RSS reader extension [3] is another possibility. I've never liked it much but it might just light your fire.

    My old Onfolio Firefox extension still works in Firefox 2 (with the help of the compatibility feature of the Nightly Tester Tools extension [4] ) but you need the commercial version of Onfolio to support it so it can hardly be recommended.

    If you can't live with these choices you could try a stand-alone reader.

    BlogBridge [5] has a highly readable display and any items clicked will load in the background in separate Firefox tabs for later reading. Even better is the ability to setup Firefox to use BlogBridge as your default reader. That way you can subscribe to new feeds from Firefox and have the feeds handled through BlogBridge, which is quite a neat solution. You'll need version 4.2 of BlogBridge or later - it won't work with early versions.

    BlogBridge has a whole raft of features including support for almost all feed formats, syncing feeds between PCs, good searching and good integration with and Flickr. Being Java based it available for most platforms however like all Java applications, there is a performance penalty to pay.

    Another excellent stand-alone reader is GreatNews. Its newspaper style layout is one of the best I've seen and it's inbuilt IE based browser allows for quick and efficient viewing of items of interest. It will particularly appeal to Blogline users as it utilizes the Bloglines API to read feeds directly from Bloglines. Like BlogBridge it can be integrated into Firefox

    Those wanting to integrate RSS with Microsoft Outlook email might like to try RSS Popper [8]. Personally I think your email client is the worst location for a RSS reader but there are many who disagree.

    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!

    97 Best Free Project Manager

    Open Workbench is a free Open Source project manager that is so feature rich and so powerful that it should at least be considered before any decision is made to purchase a commercial project management package. It's a product that takes time to get your head around. If you have been using Microsoft Project or other task based manager you'll have to re-orient your thinking because Open Workbench is resource-driven not task-driven. "An Open Workbench plan is built up from estimates for the tasks of work. Estimates are tied to the resource assigned to the tasks. Duration is then driven by the number of hours each resource will work per week to cover the total number of hours required for the tasks. Open Workbench is best suited for groups that estimate total work effort based on the estimates for all the tasks associated with a project, and then create a staffing plan and schedule for those estimates." Once you come to terms with this, you will still have to grapple with learning how to use this powerful product. Here is a partial feature list:

    Define projects and create associated work breakdown structures with activities, phases, tasks and milestones
    Create dependencies as finish-start, start-start, finish- finish or start-finish
    Create subprojects and link them to master projects
    Create and manage inter-project dependencies
    Manage advanced task properties such as fixed duration, dependency lag, imposed start/end dates and charge codes
    Schedule tasks manually or automatically using Auto Schedule
    Automatically schedule tasks forwards or backwards
    Schedule across linked master and subprojects
    Schedule to general or individualized calendars
    Define resources as people, equipment, materials or expense
    Assign resources to tasks
    Configure resources on tasks with uniform, fixed, contour, front or back loading
    Track status, percent complete and estimates to complete
    View Gantt charts (both detail and roll-up), PERT charts and the critical path
    Conduct earned value analysis
    Define, compare and reset project baseline setting
    Can read Microsoft Project files

    Open Workbench is the real thing, not some amateurish, half baked effort. Like Microsoft Project, it is best suited to large scale projects that can justify the considerable time it takes to learn the product. Those with smaller projects may want to consider some of the simpler (and less powerful) alternatives such as GanttPV [2] or ToDoList [3].

    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!

    98 Best Free Memory Testing Utility

    Memtest86 is a stand-alone GPL utility that provides comprehensive memory testing for all x86 based PCs regardless of the operating system. It can be run from a floppy disk, CD or USB drive. It's a tool geared towards experienced users and, if that's you, download it now for your PC toolkit. (58KB)

    An alternative is MemScope, a free program that runs from a self booting floppy disk. It uses eight different testing patterns that can be run once off or continuously. It has good reporting and can be set to reboot at the completion of the tests. MemScope must be run from a floppy which you create when you run the downloaded file so have a floppy handy. Registration is required so expect some email advertising. There is also some harmless advertising in the product itself.

    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!

    99 Best Free Software Cataloging Utility

    If you like testing out different programs on your PC you'll probably find a software cataloging program useful. These products will not only inventory what you have currently installed but also document the different programs you've tried in the past or have moved to CD storage. There are a lot of these inventory programs around but one of the best is SoftCat [1], a shareware program from The last freeware version of SoftCat is still available from this site [2]. This version hasn't got as many features as the latest commercial version but will still meet the need of most users.

    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!

    100 Best Free Web Site Link Checker

    There are a number of free web services that will do this but I prefer to use Xenu's Link Sleuth, a free utility that does the checking from my own PC. Its multi-threaded design makes for incredibly fast scans, so fast you initially may not believe it's working correctly. It handles FTP and gopher, password protected areas, allows for exclusions, detects orphans, can check external links and much more. Reporting is browser based and comprehensive. All in all, a little gem.

    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!
  2. boki71

    boki71 Uz duplu Anu... Administrator

    Centar sveta
    Jos jedne velike liste besplatnih programa sa kratkim opisom cemu oni sluze...


    OpenOffice - kancelarijski paket
    PC Suite 602 - kancelarijski paket
    AbiWord - tekstualni editor
    Atlantis Nova - tekstualni editor
    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer - Prikazivač Power Point fajlova
    Adobe Reader - pdf čitač
    Foxit PDF Reader - pdf čitač
    PDFCreator - kreirajte pdf dokumente
    Doc Convertor - konvertor dokumenata
    Convert - konvertor jedinica
    Converber - konvertor jedinica
    Sunbird - kalendar/organizator
    EssentialPIM Free - kalendar /organizator
    PhraseExpress - ubrzajte vaše pisanje
    ATnotes - kreirajte beleške na desktopu

    Menadžer arhiva

    7-Zip - program za kompresovanje fajlova
    IZArc - program za kompresovanje fajlova
    TugZIP - program za kompresovanje fajlova
    CabPack - program za kompresovanje fajlova
    Universal Extractor - ekstrahujte fajlove iz bilo koje vrste arhive


    Firefox - web pretraživač
    Internet Explorer- web pretraživač
    Maxthon - web pretraživač
    Opera - web pretraživač
    Avant Browser - web pretraživač
    Thunderbird - email klijent
    PopTray - proverite poštu
    Free Download Manager - daunloud menadžer
    FlashGet - daunloud menadžer
    WellGet - daunloud menadžer
    Download Master - daunloud menadžer
    WGET - daunloud menadžer iz komandne linije
    HTTrack - oflajn pretraživač
    WebReaper - oflajn pretraživač
    Yeah Reader - RSS čitač
    GreatNews - RSS čitač
    RSSOwl - RSS čitač


    µTorrent - torrent klijent
    Azureus - torrent klijent
    BitComet - torrent klijent
    ABC - torrent klijent
    BitTornado - torrent klijent
    eMule - p2p klijent
    SoulSeek - p2p klijent
    Shareaza - p2p klijent
    DC++ - Direct Connect mrežni klijent
    PeerGuardian - IP bloker


    Miranda - chat klijent
    MSN Messenger - chat klijent
    Yahoo Messenger - chat klijent
    QIP - chat klijent
    Gaim - chat klijent
    JAJC - chat klijent
    HydraIRC - IRC klijent
    Talkative IRC - IRC klijent
    IceChat - IRC klijent
    Skype - VOIP klijent
    Google Talk - VOIP klijent
    VoipStunt - VOIP klijent
    Gizmo - VOIP klijent
    Wengo - VOIP klijent


    AVG Free - antivirus
    Avast Home Free - antivirus
    AntiVir PersonalEdition - antivirus
    BitDefender Free - antivirus
    ClamWin - antivirus
    CyberDifender - paket za Internet bezbednost
    Ad-aware - anti-spyware
    Spybot: Search & Destroy - anti-spyware
    Windows Defender - anti-spyware
    SpywareBlaster - anti-spyware
    Spyware Terminator - anti-spyware
    Tootkit Reveaker - rootkit program za detekciju
    Winpooch - zaštita sistema
    HiJack Free - zaštita sistema
    HighJackThis - detektor otmice i uklanjanja opreme
    Kerio Personal Firewall - firewall
    Sygate Personal Firewall - firewall
    ZoneAlarm - firewall
    AxCrypt - šifriranje fajla
    Simple File Shredder - bezbedno brisanje fajlova
    PuTTy - SSH klijent
    KeePass - menadžer lozinki
    LockNote - menadžer lozinki
    nPassword - menadžer lozinki
    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - identifikujte loše bezbednosno podešavanje


    Hamachi - VPN klijent
    RealVNC - daljinska kontrola
    UltraVNC - daljinska kontrola
    Ethereal - administracija lokalne mreže
    The Dude - mrežna administracija
    Wireshark - mrežna administracija
    Angry IP Scanner - IP skener
    IP-Tools - IP skener
    Free Port Scanner - IP skener
    NetMeter - nadglednaje mrežnog saobraćaja


    FileZilla - FTP klijent
    FileZilla Server - FTP server
    EFTP - FTP klijent/server
    XAMPP - integrisani serverski paket Apache-a, mySQL-a, PHP-a i Perl-a
    WAMP - Apache, PHP5 i MySQL server


    Foobar2000 - audio plejer
    WinAmp - audio plejer
    1by1 - audio plejer
    JetAudio - audio plejer
    XMPlay - audio plejer
    Xion - audio plejer
    Apollo - audio plejer
    MediaMonkey - organizator muzike
    The GodFather - organizator muzike
    dBpowerAMP - audio konvertor
    Audacity - audio konvertor
    WavePad - audio konvertor
    Kristal Audio Engine - audio editor
    Exact Audio Copy - CD riper
    Audiograbber - CD riper
    CDex - CD riper
    Mp3 Tag Tools - editor mp3 tagova
    Mp3tag - editor mp3 tagova
    Taggin’ MP3 - editor mp3 tagova
    Monkey’s Audio - APE kompresor/dekompresor
    mpTrim - mp3 editor
    WavTrim - wave editor
    EncSpot Basic - analiza mp3 fajlova


    Windows Media Player - audio/video plejer
    VLC - video plejer
    Media Player Classic - video plejer
    MV2Player - video plejer
    CrystalPlayer 1.95 - video plejer
    Zoom Player - video plejer
    GOM Player - video plejer
    viPlay - video plejer
    DSPlayer - video plejer
    VirtualDub - video editor
    CamStudio - snimanje video ekrana
    AviSplit - sečenje Avi-ja
    Video mp3 Extractor - ripovanje zvuka sa video fajlova
    Free iPod Converter - konvertovanje svih popularnih video formata u iPod video
    MediaPortal - pretvaranje vašeg PC-ja u Media Center
    The FilmMachine


    Gimp - editor slika
    PhotoFiltre - editor slika - editor slika
    ArtRage - editor slika
    Artweaver - editor slika
    IrfanView - pregledanje slika
    Picasa - pregledanje slika
    XnView - pregledanje slika
    FastStone Pregledanje slika - pregledanje slika
    FuturixImager - pregledanje slika
    Easy Thumbnails - kreiranje umanjenih prikaza slika
    JoJoThumb - kreiranje umanjenih prikaza slika
    iWebAlbum - kreiranje web foto albuma
    JAlbum - kreiranje web foto albuma
    3D Box Shot Maker - dizajniranje pakovanja
    FastStone Capture - snimanje ekrana
    WinSnap - snimanje ekrana


    Blender3D - 3D renderovanje
    3Delight Free - 3D renderovanje
    SketchUp - 3D modelovanje
    Maya Learning Edition - 3D modelovanje


    AutoIt - automatizacija zadataka
    SciTE4AutoIt3 - tektualni editor za AutoIt
    AutoHotkey - automatizacija zadataka
    PHP Designer - PHP editor
    Notepad++ - tekstualni editor
    ConTEXT Editor - tekstualni editor
    PSPad - tekstualni editor
    FoxEditor - tekstualni editor
    Crimson Editor - editor izvornog koda
    Elfima Notepad - tekstualni editor
    Notepad2 - tekstualni editor
    Nvu - HTML editor
    Alleycode - HTML editor
    BlockNote - editor web stranica
    Weaverslave - editor web stranica


    DeepBurner - CD/DVD rezač
    CDBurner XP Pro - CD/DVD rezač
    BurnAtOnce - CD/DVD rezač
    Express Burn - CD/DVD rezač
    Zilla CD-DVD Rip’n’Burn - CD/DVD rezač
    ImgBurn - ISO, BIN rezač
    Daemon tools - virtualni CD/DVD
    DVD Decrypter - DVD rezač
    DVD Shrink - DVD rezač
    Nero CD-DVD Speed - CD/DVD info i test kvaliteta


    GSpot - informacije o kodeku
    AC3Filter - audio kodek
    Xvid - video kodek
    QuickTime Alternative - video kodek
    Real Alternative - video kodek
    K-Lite Codec Pack - svi kodeci

    Održavanje sistema

    CCleaner - čišćenje sistema
    xp-AntiSpy - OS setup
    jv16 Powertools - sistemski programi
    XP SysPad - nadgledanje sistema
    What’s Running - detekcija procesa
    Registrar Lite - editor registra
    WinIPConfig - zamena za “ipconfig.exe” i “route.exe”
    Unlocker - brisanje fajlova
    Eraser - bezbedno brisanje fajlova
    Undelete Plus - vraćanje fajlova
    freeCommander - menadžer fajlova
    ExplorerXP - menadžer fajlova
    Duplicate File Finder - pronađite duplikate fajlova
    Ant Renamer - preimenovanje fajlova
    ReNamer - preimenovanje fajlova
    Icons From File - ekstraktor ikona
    Chaos MD5 - MD5 generator
    HashTab - MD5, SHA1 i CRC-32 file hešovi
    Rainlendar Lite - desktop kalendar
    Weather Watcher - prognoza vremena
    Subtitle Workshop - editor titlova
    Ant Movie Catalog - organizovanje filmova
    Disclib - organizovanje CD-ova
    Dexpot - virtualni desktopovi
    DriveImage XML - kreiranje imidža particija
    MozBackup - kreiranje rezervnih kopija i vraćanje bookmarkova.
    SyncBack - kreiranje rezervne kopije sistema
    Atomic Cock Sync - sinhronizovanje časovnika
    Citrus Alarm Clock - alarm
    TaskSwitchXP - zamena za Alt-Tab
    Launchy - pokretač programa
    allSnap - lepljenje prozora
    Sysinternals Tools - različiti sistemski alati
    StrokeIt - gestovi miša
    Net Profiles - kreiranje profila mrežnih podešavanja
    ResourceHacker - prikazivanje, modifikovanje, preimenovanje, dodavanje i brisanje
    Java Runtime Environment - java za Windows

    UI poboljšanja

    RocketDock - pokretanje programa
    AveDesk - poboljšanje desktopa
    IconPhile - modifikovanje Windows sistemskih ikona
    CursorXP Free - promena kursora miša
    MacSound - kontrola jačine zvuka
    LClock - Windows Longhorn časovnik
    Y’z Dock - pokretanje programa
    Y’z Shadow - efekat senke za prozore
    Y’z Toolbar - promena ikona u liniji alatki Explorera i Internet Explorera
    Taskbar Shuffle - organizovanje programa u taskbaru putem povlačenja
    Visual Task Tips - umanjeni prikaz svakog zadatka u taskbaru
    Badges - postavljanje bedževa na direktorijume ili fajlove
    Folderico - promena ikona direktorijuma
    Folder Marker - obeležite vaše direktorijume
    Folder2MyPC - dodajte omiljene lokacije u My Computer
    Microsoft TweakUI - podešavanje sistema
    BricoPacks - shell paketi
    ShellPacks - shell paketi
    Tango Shell Patcher - shell program za zakrpe
    XPize - poboljšanja GUI-ja
    Vista Transformation Pack - kompletan vizuelni stil
    Vista Sound Scheme - Windows Vista šema zvukova
    Royale Theme - vizuelni stilovi


    123 Free Solitaire - kolekcija solitaire igara
    Arcade Pack - klasične arkadne igre
    Live For Speed - onlajn simulator vožnje
    Enigma - slagalice
    Freeciv - multiplejer strategija
    Tux Racer - trkajte se niz strme, snegom prekrivene planine


    SpeQ Mathematics - program za matematiku
    Dia - program za kreiranje dijagrama
    Google Earth - istražite svet
    NASA World Wind - 3D virtuelni globus
    Celestia - istražite svemir
    Stellarium - planetarijum


    nLite - kreirajte sosptveni Windows disk.
    VirtualPC - kreiranje virutelnih mašina
    grabMotion - hvatanje slika pomoću web kamere
    iDailyDiary - jednostavni dnevnik
    Pivot Stickfigure Animator - animiranje Čiča Gliše
    Wink - kreiranje prezentacija
    Scribus - profesionalni razmeštaj stranica
    FreeMind - program za mapiranje uma

    Nadgledanje hardvera /Benčmarking

    CPU-Z - informacija o procesoru
    CrystalCPUID - informacija o procesoru
    Central Brain Identifier - informacija o procesoru
    Everest - sistemske infromacije
    SiSoft Sandra - sistemske informacije
    SpeedFan - nadgledanje hardvera
    Memtest86 - testiranje memorije
    PowerMax - testiranje HDD-a
    3Dmark 06 - merenje performansi u 3D igrama
    Aquamark - merenje performansi
    rthdribl - 3D benčmark
    Fraps - 3D benčmark, pregledanje fps-ova i snimanje ekrana
    Prime 95 - merenje brzine procesora
    SuperPI - merenje brzine procesora
    CPU Rightmark - overklokovanje procesora
    Core Temp - temperatura procesora
    ATiTool - overklokovanje grafičke kartice
    ATI Tray Tools - podešavanje Radeon-a
    aTuner - podešavanje GeForce-a i Radeon-a
    RivaTuner - overklokovanje grafičke kartice
    Nokia Monitor Test - podešavanje monitora
    UDPixel - popravljanje mrtvih piksela
  3. boki71

    boki71 Uz duplu Anu... Administrator

    Centar sveta
    Anti Virus
    Jos poneki.......

    * AVG - BESPLATNI antivirusni program koji se automatski azurira sam. Mozete nadograditi na vise napredne verzije.
    * Avast! Antivirus - antivirusni program koji se automatski azurira. Ovo je BESPLATAN.
    * AntiVir
    * Trend Micro HouseCall- Free web-bazno rjesenja dizajniran za skeniranje vaseg racunala za sirok raspon Internet sigurnosti ukljucujuci viruse, crve, trojance i spijuniranje. Takoder detektuje ranjivost sustava i nudi poveznicu tako da mozete lako skinuti nedostajuce sigurnosne zakrpe.

    Anti Spyware

    * Adaware - Ad-Aware identificira i uklanja spyware i adware. Sada na verziju 6.
    * Ewido (Online Scan)
    * Spybot: Search & Destroy - Kao i Ad-Aware.
    * SpywareBlaster- Onemogucuje instalaciju spijunskih i drugih potencijalno nezeljenih softvera!
    * Windows Defender - program koji pronalazi i uklanja sve vrste spyware.

    Spaljivanje Softver

    * Exp Studio Burner


    * Avant Browser- Avant Browser je prijateljsko korisnicko sucelje donosi nove razine jasnoce i ucinkovitosti u svoje pregledavanje i ceste nadogradnje imaju stalno poboljsanje svoje pouzdanosti
    * FireFox - Je nadgradeni web preglednik koji je sada brzi, sigurniji, potpuno prilagodljiv i za vas on-line zivotu.
    * Opera - To je brz, jednostavan i zabavan nacin za pregledavanje weba. Opera 9 dolazi sa alatima kako bi bili produktivni i sigurni. Probajte ga danas, to je potpuno besplatno!


    * ePrompter - E-posta pronalazenja programa. Ona ce provjeriti vase Hotmail, Yahoo i druge web-mail racune bez tebe, zapravo trebate ici na web stranicama. Takoder se provjeravju POP racuni.
    * Minimail 2.0-Minimail je mali, prikladan i jednostavan za koristiti, usluzni program za stvaranje i slanje e-poste.
    * Thunderbird - Uzivajte siguran, brz i jednostavan e-mail, s inteligentnim filterom za nezeljene poruke, poruke za pretrazivanje, brz, prilagodljiv . Doneseni vam Mozilla, Thunderbird e-mail cini boljim.


    * ZoneAlarm

    Grafika / media aplikacije

    * PawBrowse - za gledanje slika je malen, brz i funkcionalan.
    * PhotoPlus - ima mnoge znacajke za PSP. Ne sve naravno. Ali to je besplatno!
    * winamp- audio player , vizualizacije i vise.
    * BSplayer - bsplayer igrac koji igra povratak svih vrsta multimedijalnih datoteka i specijalizirana je video i DivX reprodukcija.
    * GIMP - Open source alat Vam pruziti svu snagu koja vam je potrebna za svoju fotografiju i graficki dizajn potrebama. GIMP se zalaze za GNU programa za manipulaciju slike
    * Avidemux: Premijer je postojece stanje u realnom vremenu nelinearno uredivanje videa za bilo koji oblik ukljucujuci High Definition (HD). Podrzava 16-bitni kolor rezolucije, GPU ubrzano topljenje za brze efekte, pa cak i napredni DVD-autorski. S druge strane, Avidemux nudi Windows, Mac i Linux korisnicima je lagan za koristenje open source alat za DVD / DivX pretvaranje i uredivanje. Avidemux takoder ima podrsku za skriptiranje automatizacije i nudi cak DVD autorski s dodatkom za open source softvera, dvdauthor.


    * Sun Java Online Install
    * Sun Java Offline Install
    * Java Virtual Machine


    * AIM - AIM ® 6.0 je sljedeca generacija softvera za razmjenu trenutnih poruka.
    * MSN Messenger - sljedeca generacija Messengera
    * Paltalk - najvece svjetske zajednice video chat s 4 milijuna korisnika!
    * Yahoo! Messenger - Nazovite prijatelja i obitelji u cijelom svijetu koriste nove Yahoo! Messenger (8.1)

    Podijelite slike

    * Hello - Bok novi je nacin da pogledamo fotografije s prijateljima i obitelji.
    * Picasa - Locirati, organizirati i dijeliti sve slike na racunalu


    * Belarc Advisor - Gradi detaljni profil vaseg instaliranog softvera i hardvera
    * Open Office 1.0.1 - Besplatna zamjena za Office paket.
    * PFE - Dobro besplatni tekst editor.
    * WinRAR- WinRAR je 32-bitnu verziju sustava Windows rar Archiver, snazni archiver i arhiva manager.
    * WinAce - Samo tako lako kao WinZip za zipping i unzipping datoteke.
    * CCleaner -- Cisti iz tempory datoteke itd.
    * NVU: Iako ovaj alat je snazan WYSIWYG (Sto cete vidjeti sto dobivate) HTML editor, postoje i druge opcije koje se mogu ustedjeti novac. NVU (proglasena N-pogled, za "novi pogled") je kompletan web sustav za Linux Desktop korisnike, kao i Microsoft Windows korisnicima da suparnicki programe kao sto su FrontPage i Dreamweaver. Koristite NVU za izradu web stranica i upravljanja web stranica bez tehnickog znanja i strucnosti ili HTML. - BESPLATNI antivirusni program koji se automatski azurira sam. Mozete nadograditi na vise napredne verzije.
  4. djuricdarko

    djuricdarko Član

    Yutelsat player v1.3



    • Redesigned interface
    • Favorites list
    • Check for updates feature
    • HD channels
    • FLV channels
    • Over 39 hours of documentaries
    • Flash games


    • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • .NET Framework 4
    • Windows Media Player (WMP) 9 or later is required; WMP 10 or later version is strongly recommended (using WMP 9 may result in distorted video)
    • Adobe Flash Player (required for watching VIDEO streams)
    • FLV codec for WMP required for watching some EXTRA FLV channels; recommendation: K-Lite Codec Pack
    • Internet connection (depending on the internet connection speed some channels will work slow / not work at all)
  5. boki71

    boki71 Uz duplu Anu... Administrator

    Centar sveta
    3D obrada


    Audio Playeri

    Audio obrada

    CD/DVD burneri


    Kompresija/dekompresija podataka


    Računarske mreže i umrežavanje

    Office alati

    Operativni sastavi

    Grafička obrada i obrada fotografije



    Sistemski alati(monitoring/odžavanje)

    • ATI Tray Tools (Tweaking ATI-jevih graf.kartica)
    • CPU-Z(CPU i matična ploča)
    • GPU-Z(Grafička kartica)
    • SpeedFan(monitoring temperatura hardvera i brzine okretanja ventilatora)
    • CoreTemp(alat za merenje temperatura procesora)
    • RivaTuner (Tweaking nVidia grafičkih kartica)
    • CCleaner (alat za održavanje računara)
    • JkDefrag (alat za defragmentaciju)
    • Sysmetrix (monitoring performansa hardvera)
    • Glary Utilities (alat za održavanje računara)
    • Defraggler (alat za defragmentaciju)
    • Recuva (alat za vraćanje izbrisanih datoteka)
    • Revo Uninstaller (softver za deinstaliranje)
    • Unlocker (alat za otključavanje trenutno korištenih datoteka)
    • Smart Defrag(alat za defragmentaciju)
    • MozBackup (alat za backup profileova Mozille,Thunderbirda,itd…backup šifri,accounta,cachea i sl.)
    • NetWorx (alat za nadgledavanje internetskog prometa)
    • Memtest86 (program za dijagnostiku radne memorije)
    • HWmonitor (alat za nadgledavanje temperatura i voltaža hardvera,te brzine vrtnje ventilatora)
    • Auslogics Disk defrag (alat za defragmentaciju i optimizaciju tvrdih diskova)
    • Meminfo (pokazuje trenutno zauzeće radne memorije)
    • Whatsrunning (slično kao i meminfo,pokazuje procese i sl.)
    • GameBooster (aplikacija za optimiziranje računala radi boljih performansi u igrama)
    • Everest Home Edition (nadgledanje sustava,temperatura, naziva komponenti…)
    • nTune (alat za overclocking nVidia grafičkih kartica i overclocking procesora)
    • Netlimiter (nadgledanje i ograničavanje internetskog prometa)
    • Everes home edition (nadgledanje sustava i benchmarking)
    Video Codec

    Video playeri

    Obrada videa

    Virtual CD/DVD

    Web browseri


    Ostali programi

    GNU/Linux kompatibilni programi

    3D obrada

    Programiranje/IDE/Tekst editori

    Video playeri

    Audio playeri

    Audio/Video obrada

    Web browseri

    Virtual CD/DVD

    CD/DVD burneri


    Download manageri

    Grafička obrada i obrada fotografije







    Preglednici slika

    File manageri


    Web editori

    Proširenje funckionalnosti desktopa za Gnome, KDE, Xfce i Window managere
    Clipboard manager

    Quake style terminal


  6. kupsky

    kupsky Legend

    PDF Compressor


    Compress PDF file and reduce the actual size of PDF document with this completely free PDF Compressor.

    Free PDF Compressor removes duplicate PDF objects, optionally takes advantage of new compression features of latest PDF specifications that for many classes of documents compresses 30 - 60% better than what is possible in PDF 1.5.

    Free PDF Compressor allows you to shrink PDF file by using Flate or RunLength compression algorithm. With this freeware, you are able to set the compression level to generate PDF files of smallest size.

    Another benefit of this freeware utility is that you can decompress or expand any PDF file to its original size for better conversion from PDF to other formats.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Free Free PDF Compressor download
  7. kupsky

    kupsky Legend



    Svestrani program za obradu fotografija i slika.

    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!
  8. kupsky

    kupsky Legend



    Image Editing Windows Allow Easy Access to Painting Tools and Functions.


    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!
  9. kupsky

    kupsky Legend



    Modern digital cameras take huge photos many megapixels in size - great for high quality printing, but too big to email to friends and family, and too large for displaying on web sites.

    PhotoRazor solves this by making high quality copies of your photos at a smaller size - ideal for on-screen viewing. This reduces the file size making them much easier to email and share with friends and family.


    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!
  10. kupsky

    kupsky Legend

    save2pc Light


    save2pc is a tool that downloads videos from video sharing websites and saves it to your PC or Laptop. No need to use scripts for web browsers. Just run save2pc and start downloading!

    Zao nam je, ali morate biti registrovani/prijavljeni da vidite ovaj sadržaj!

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